The 10 Greatest feuds in UWA Elite History


When the epic tale of UWA Elite draws to a close, the UWA Elite Army will look back at Drake Chambers and Nicholas Kaye as one of the great feuds in its history. High stakes, betrayal, mind games, no-holds-barred brawls, and two superior wrestlers are a formula for a momentous rivalry, and Chambers and Kaye certainly check all the boxes.

But where does the Nicholas Kaye vs. Drake Chambers war rate among the greatest feuds in UWA Elite history? There have been dozens of heated rivalries over the course of the last seven seasons, but only a select few have come to truly define our company.

There have been fantastic rivalries over the years (Bowes vs. Hedges, King Tek vs. Vincent Valentine, Kyle the Beast vs. Big Dan Winant, and Clay Sawyer vs. Lukas Finnegan quickly come to mind), but to escalate to the level of “Historic Feud”, more than just pride has to be on the line. 

As we head into Homecoming 2017 and watch Drake Chambers and Nicholas Kaye pick each other’s “poison” and then battle over the invaluable Golden Ticket, let’s take a look back at the 10 Greatest Feuds in UWA Elite history. (When it’s all said and done, where will Chambers vs. Kaye rank on this list?)

1. The Wretched vs. The Garden State Gods
Parties Involved: Bowes, Michael Massacre, Eric Corvis, Myke Quest

The be-all, end-all of UWA Elite rivalries. The core feud (Corvis vs. Massacre) started in 2011 and raged on until Crossroads 2016, but the full story can’t be explained without all 4 parties.

Bowes and Massacre formed the Wretched out of mutual hatred for Eric Corvis. Corvis and Myke Quest had over a decade of tag team dominance under their belts as the Garden State Gods. Separately, every combination of these 4 men in singles competition led to memorable moments. Together, the resulting chaos left a crater that will never be filled in UWA Elite history.

When all was laid to rest, only one of these 4 men - Bowes - remained a full-time active UWA Elite roster member. Eric Corvis was fully retired from active competition. Michael Massacre wasn’t heard from again for over a year, and Myke Quest has wrestled twice for UWA Elite since. And the feud’s apex - a TLC Match at the Middlesex County Fair in 2015 - left the Garden State Gods disbanded forever.

Other feuds have been primarily over championships, accolades, and differences of opinion. But in terms of pure spite, carnage, and historical significance (and ramifications), none of them can touch the war that was waged between The Wretched and The Garden State Gods.

2. UWA Elite vs. The Uprising
Parties Involved: President Dave Swan, Sean “Damage” McNelis, Vincent Valentine, Vin Grayson, Magic, RJ Gerhart, Tommy Kobryn, Big Dan Winant, Cypress, Mike C-Way, Robbie Roller, Joey Adams, TKO, Hedges

In the 7 years UWA Elite has existed, President Dave Swan has been in control for every moment - almost. His worst nightmare came to fruition in 2013, as 3 men he considered his closest confidants - Cypress, Big Dan Winant, and Mike C-Way - ripped the heart out of UWA Elite and formed The Uprising. 

With C-Way’s cunning genius and the Hall of Fame credentials of Cypress and Big Dan at the helm, The Uprising grew in numbers and terrorized everyone in its path. With talent the likes of Robbie Roller, Hedges, Joey Adams and TKO joining the fold, the threat to UWA Elite was so dire that even long-time villains like Vincent Valentine and Vin Grayson aligned themselves with Dave Swan.

At Last Breath 2013, the unthinkable happened. The Uprising defeated UWA Elite in a 2 out of 3 match series to gain control of the company. Though that control lasted only 6 months, the lessons learned and scars gained have lasted ever since. 

Besides the business impact of this feud, look at the sheer greatness of the men involved. Five UWA Elite Hall of Famers, 4 UWA Elite Champions, 6 iChampions - and every single participant (except President Swan) in this feud has held a championship in this company.

3. Eric Corvis vs. Robbie Roller

Simply put, Eric Corvis vs. Robbie Roller is the greatest feud over the UWA Elite Championship in the 7-year history of this company. For nearly two-thirds of the 2014 UWA Elite season, Roller was a persistent thorn in the side of then-UWA Elite Champion Eric Corvis. From Crossroads, through the Middlesex County Fair, through Brawl For it All and Last Breath, Corvis and Roller waged a contentious - and evenly contested - war.

In many ways, this was a classic tale of “Teacher vs. Pupil”.  Many of Roller’s successes and career advancements were thanks to the guidance of Corvis. When the “R-Star” seized his turn in the main event, he used every last thing Corvis taught him against his former friend. No matter the outcome, no matter the stage, Robbie Roller would not go away.

As with many great feuds, its closing moments were more controversial than its beginnings. A double-pin at Brawl For it All lead to the only time in UWA Elite history that the UWA Elite Championship was declared vacant due to a match result. And in the ensuing triple threat main event at Last Breath, Roller capitalized on a distracted Corvis to claim the UWA Elite Championship as his own.

What followed, quite simply, was the most chaotic 3 months in company history. Roller left the company and the championship behind, and the man who many feel cost Corvis his title - Michael Massacre - would start building the foundations of an even deadlier feud (our #1 Feud on this list).

4. Sean “Damage” McNelis vs. Vincent Valentine

Superman vs. Lex Luthor. Batman vs. The Joker. Every great hero has one nemesis who has no rhyme or reason for his actions - other than a complete rejection and hatred for who that hero is. For Sean “Damage” McNelis (considered by many to be UWA Elite’s greatest hero), that arch-villain was “The Dark Angel” Vincent Valentine.

From the inception of UWA Elite (and its roots in the original UWA), it was clear Sean “Damage” McNelis was the company’s foundation. This provided a clear target for Vincent Valentine, a man who was fueled solely by the desire to corrupt the established order. 

The most honorable AllStar in UWA Elite and the most diabolical one seemed destined to cross paths forever. Valentine and his Brotherhood threw every roadblock they could in front of the first UWA Elite Champion, and tormented SDM for nearly two solid years. Despite other matches, other rivals and other agendas, McNelis and Valentine simply were each other’s polar opposites - and they seemed magnetically drawn back together.

As a result, the two finally met in late 2012 in a climactic battle that saw Damage defeat Valentine with his career on the line. In defeat (and retirement), the UWA Elite Army was left in shock as “The Dark Angel” embraced his greatest rival. He would later explain that in a career defined by wars with McNelis, it was only right that career was ended that way.

5. The Rogues vs. The UnstoppaBULLS
Parties Involved: Brandon Kirk, Jeff Cannonball, Brandon the Bull, Jon Rome

Shopping carts, mailboxes, road signs, chairs, tables, porta-potties, and the UWA Elite Tag Team Championships. Over the course of virtually a full calendar year, the most dastardly tag team in UWA Elite history did battle with one of its most beloved tandems in almost every match imaginable. In doing so, they not only re-wrote the story of the UWA Elite Tag Team division, but carved their own chapter in UWA Elite history.

Jon Rome and Brandon the Bull (who themselves had a hellacious rivalry in 2013), found themselves drawn together by mutual respect and a quest to become Tag Team Champions. Standing in their way were the longest-reigning champions in UWA Elite history, The Rogues (Brandon Kirk and Jeff Cannonball).

The Rogues and the UnstoppaBULLS took each to hell and back - and that was just them getting warmed up. No venue was safe. No stipulation, foreign object or act of brutality was too much. From ladder matches to street fights, these 4 AllStarz re-defined how much the UWA Elite Tag Team Championships were worth.

After an astonishing 470 days as champions, The Rogues were finally de-throned by the UnstoppaBULLS at Last Breath 2015. In perhaps the most selfless act in UWA Elite history, Brandon the Bull shared his Golden Ticket contract with Jon Rome, and cashed in successfully on Kirk and Cannonball the same evening. The UnstoppaBULLS would go on to become the 3rd-longest reigning Tag Team Champions themselves.

6. King Tek vs. “The One” AceJack

Much like Damage and Vincent Valentine, the grudge between King Tek and “The One” AceJack was purely personal. From 2011 to 2015, Tek worked tirelessly to win the respect and admiration of the UWA Elite Army. When AceJack (a UWA Elite Hall of Famer) arrived back on the scene, the cult leader of the Ultra-Violent Movement expected that same respect to be handed to him.

King Tek - the Leader of the UWA Elite Army - took exception to AceJack’s arrogance and conniving ways. Though not as long-lived as other feuds on this list, the fire that emanated from Tek and AceJack’s wars burned a straight line down the center of the UWA Elite universe. 

AceJack was relentless. “The One” spewed venom from his microphone at every opportunity, deriding the King and leaving him in a heap more than once. As the UVM grew to include shocking members Jeremiah, Magic, and even Kyle the Beast, the odds against the Fighting King became ever longer. 

But it was King Tek who would have the final word and the last laugh, defeating AceJack in a degrading “Kiss My Foot” match at the 2015 Middlesex County Fair and firmly cementing his place as the Leader of the UWA Elite Army.

7. Jon Rome vs. Cypress

Longtime fans of UWA Elite will remember the 2011 season for several reasons. Chief among them is likely the absolutely brutal battle between Cypress and “Superstar” Jon Rome. And as far back as 2011 seems to many, the seeds of the first-ever UWA Elite Feud of the Year were planted long before that.

At a wrestling event prior to UWA Elite’s debut, Cypress inadvertently split Jon Rome’s head open during a match, requiring Rome to get staples. The “Prince of Pink” silently held this memory for quite some time, until he unleashed his revenge on the South Side Pit Bull Cypress in horrifying fashion.

Fans of the fun-loving 2017-era Jon Rome would barely recognize Rome in 2011. A fur-coat wearing lunatic, Rome took pure delight in screaming at Cypress while attacking him from behind. These repeated attacks brought the “pit bull” out of Cypress, who began to retaliate in kind. Along the way, Jon Rome and TJ Blade defeated Cypress and Myke Quest to become the first ever UWA Elite Tag Team Champions (only furthering their animosity).

The feud grew so far out of control it had to be settled in a Last Man Standing Match at iWrestle 2011. In the weeks prior to the event, Jon Rome continued his relentless sneak attacks on Cypress - but it was Cypress who would have the last laugh, dropping Rome for a decisive 10-count victory to end the saga.

8. Archadia vs. Sean “Damage” McNelis

The 2016 Feud of the Year wasn’t so much about hatred or anger; rather, it was a battle of former friends over legacy, superiority, and the UWA Elite Champion. Early in 2016, Archadia made his intentions clear when he turned his back on King Tek and Damage in a Trios Championship match. Nothing - and nobody - was more important to him than the UWA Elite Championship.

SDM, meanwhile, seemed to be stuck in neutral to begin the season. Archadia’s betrayal awakened something in Damage, and the Green and Black Attack rattled off a series of victories that culminated in his record-breaking 3rd UWA Elite Championship.

When Archadia won perhaps the greatest Crossroads Tournament in history, it put the two UWA Elite legends on a collision course that resulted in some of the finest matches of both men’s careers.

To the surprise of many, SDM outlasted Archadia in a 30-minute Iron Man match to retain his championship. Archadia’s arrogance to open the match (spotting Damage a count-out fall) proved to be his undoing, and it was a mistake he would not make twice. Utilizing underhanded tactics for the first time in recent memory, Archadia defeated Damage in a return match (with the help of the UWA Elite Championship belt) to win his 2nd UWA Elite Championship. Though the most recent chapter of this feud is closed, one must wonder if (or when) the next one will begin.

9. Brandon the Bull vs. Bowes

The feud between Bowes and Brandon the Bull is noteworthy in the annals of UWA Elite history for its sheer violence. With no championships on the line, no real momentum at stake, and no prizes to gain, two of the most physically imposing figures in UWA Elite history went to war simply to find out who the bigger bad-ass was.

After the then-Dr. John Bowes lost his UWA Elite Championship in 2014, he underwent a drastic personality crisis that saw him unleash a more sadistic, vicious side. At the same time, Brandon the Bull was truly beginning to make his mark as a singles competitor. The two were destined to cross paths - but no one could have foreseen the horrors to follow.

In perhaps the most uncomfortable moment in UWA Elite history, a syringe full of tranquilizers was used in one of their early contests. Fans couldn’t have expected this feud to get worse, but they were wrong. In one of the most horrifying scenes in Middlesex County Fair history, Brandon the Bull superplexed Bowes to the outside on a three-tiered stack of chairs.

The impact caused Bowes to be taken to the emergency room immediately via ambulance, and Brandon the Bull could barely walk properly for weeks. UWA Elite Management saw fit to keep the two AllStarz away from each other soon after, but only time will tell if these two monsters will cross paths again. If they do… it may only get worse.

10. Swag Mean vs. Holy Kingdom
Parties Involved: Robbie Roller, Vin Grayson, King Tek, Elder Foreman

No two tag teams in UWA Elite history are more diametrically opposite than Swag Mean and Holy Kingdom. The fun-loving, fan-favorite duo of King Tek and the “Stormin’ Mormon” Elder Foreman came together to form Holy Kingdom in 2012, and the result was one of the most popular and successful tandems in UWA Elite history.

But if we’re talking tag teams and UWA Elite history, we’re talking Swag Mean. The first truly iconic tag team in the company, the trash-talking, shortcut-taking pretty boys Robbie Roller and Vin Grayson created perhaps the most hated duo ever in UWA Elite. Those negative traits, however, caused massive success - Swag Mean were the longest-reigning UWA Elite Tag Team Champions (344 days) until that record was broken by The Rogues.

As Swag Mean’s title reign was growing, Holy Kingdom won the 2012 Tag Team Combat Cup and began a mission to dethrone the “Swag-tastic” ones. Naturally, Swag Mean cheated and weaseled their way out of every situation, always escaping with their championships intact. 

To their credit, Holy Kingdom never sunk to Swag Mean’s level, and despite not winning the Tag Team Championships, they did find a large measure of revenge at Last Breath 2012. In front of the largest non-Fair crowd in UWA Elite history, Team Holy Kingdom defeated Team Swag Mean inside a steel cage in War Games.

Honorable Mentions: Clay Sawyer vs. Lukas Finnegan, Brian Brass.vs. Joey Adams