UWA ELITE 2017: 10 Fearless Predictions


1. King Tek will break the record for longest iChampionship reign.

The current record (218 days, Brandon the Bull) is a tough mark to beat. In order for King Tek to surpass that 218 day title reign, he will have to hold the iChampionship until March 13, 2017. That will likely mean the Leader of the UWA Elite Army must defeat a minimum of 3 more opponents to break the record.

I believe King Tek values the iChampionship - and its interactivity with the fans - too much to let the title slip from his royal grasp that early in the 2017 season. If the King can hold onto the iChampionship until mid-March, we'll be speaking of him in even loftier terms - as the longest-reigning iChampion of all time.

2. Chris Steeler will be suspended indefinitely.

How far can the man go? He's ambushed Drake Chambers from under the ring, nearly decapitated King Tek with the iChampionship belt, alienated the entire roster with his anti-UWA Elite rhetoric, spouted hatred upon the entire UWA Elite Army, and even barked orders at President Dave Swan to "give him what he wants".

Steeler's no slouch. Despite recent performance, Wrestling's Man of Steel has the goods to challenge and defeat anyone in this company when he has his head on straight. But he doesn't right now, does he? My hunch is Chris Steeler will not stop his anti-UWA Elite crusade until he is forcibly stopped by suspension or firing. But will it be too late?

3. An AllStar named Brandon will win the 2017 Crossroads Tournament.

This gives me a dual shot to win. I think that much like the 2013 Crossroads Tournament (DynaMike Davis), a fresh face will emerge to claim victory at Crossroads 2017, and with it a shot at the UWA Elite Championship.

I like what I've seen from Brandon Kirk and Brandon the Bull in the latter stages of the 2016 season. The Bull has looked impressive, taking some ferocious beatings and coming back stronger than ever. And Brandon Kirk was the surprise breakout singles competitor of the 2016 season, riding a wave of momentum into some highly impressive showings.

4. Clay Sawyer will capture his first UWA Elite singles championship.

It's make-or-break for the Kentucky Roughneck in 2017. Sawyer has single-handedly destroyed Kentucky Bred - casting out Lukas Finnegan, turning on Georgie Boy, and evidently sending Cousin Vinny to somewhere even more horrible than Moonshine Creek (Alabama, maybe?).

Sawyer's not the most polished wrestler on the roster, but few men are as cold-hearted and prideful. Clay's not dumb - he understands that ending Kentucky Bred means it's all on him to make an impact. I think that somehow, he'll find a way to garner singles success during the 2017 season, and capture his first singles title in UWA Elite.

5. Bowes will win his record-tying 3rd Brawl For it All match.

It's impossible to predict who will win a 30-man, over the top rope Battle Royal - especially given the overall strength of the UWA Elite roster heading into the 2017 season. That being said, The Wretched is always the favorite in this match. Only Hall of Famer Cypress has claimed more Brawl For it All victories (3) in his career. But the look on Bowes' face after 2016's Last Breath told me all I need to know about how deadly he will be next season.

6. Drake Chambers will wait longer than any man in history to cash in his Golden Ticket.

In 2015, Joey Adams waited until the summer to cash in his Golden Ticket opportunity. None of the other winners waited any longer than the first show of the following season.

Drake Chambers has waited 5 seasons for a shot at the UWA Elite Championship. Knowing Drake, this is the only championship he will cash in to capture. The Dragonborne is far more meticulous than most believe, and he will wait until the most pristine moment to utilize his opportunity. I expect Chambers to wait until after Crossroads to cash in his Golden Ticket.

7. UWA Elite will break its 2015 Middlesex County Fair attendance record.

No explanation really needed with this prediction. In 2015, the Saturday night supercard event (iWrestle) drew a combined total of nearly 1,000 spectators at the Middlesex County Fair. Based on the stellar performance of the roster at 2016 Crossroads (at the fair), word of mouth will travel. I expect UWA Elite to break its own vendor attendance record at the 2017 MCF.

8. DynaMike Davis will win an unprecedented 4th Tag Team Championship.

In order for this to happen, the BROtein Pack will have to lose and win back the Tag Team titles in the course of the 2017 season. Why is this a fearless prediction? As much as we don't want to admit it, the BROtein Pack has beaten everybody there is to beat. 

So in order for DynaMike Davis (and the BTP) to lose the tag titles, a new tag team must emerge that is talented enough to defeat them. This may end up being the hardest prediction on the entire list to come true - because as of this moment, the BROtein Pack looks unbeatable.

9. A major UWA Elite AllStar will put his career on the line - and lose.

2015 saw Myke Quest, Eric Corvis and Massacre lose their full-time careers to the blood feud that was the Garden State Gods vs. the Wretched. 2016 didn't quite have that animosity level, and it's honestly hard to replicate - in no other UWA Elite season did wrestlers put their careers at stake.

I see that changing in 2017. Several competitors with severe pride and anger issues have been pushed to the brink. Men like Nicholas Kaye, Bowes and Hedges have suffered setbacks of late that may push them to the ultimate cliff - putting their careers on the line to exact the revenge they so desperately crave. One of them may lose it all this year.

10. Archadia will run the 2017 table.

No, it's not exciting. No, it's not what the massive majority of UWA Elite fans want. But my boldest prediction for the 2017 season is that Archadia will start AND finish the year as UWA Elite Champion, without losing the title during the season.

I believe there are UWA Elite AllStarz who can defeat Archadia given the proper timing and circumstances. I just can't leave my predictions to "timing and circumstances". Archadia is like a Swiss watch - once it's set, it hums along forever with sharp precision. I'm not sure who will beat Archadia for the UWA Elite Championship - and so, I'm not going to pick against him.