I already know who's going to win the 2017 Brawl For it All. It has nothing to do with luck. It has nothing to do with entry order, or size, or speed, or strategy.

The only thing picking this year's Brawl For it All winner requires is a close look at the facts.

There have been 6 UWA Elite Brawl For it All Matches, won by 5 different competitors (Sean "Damage" McNelis, Cypress, Massacre, Hedges, and Bowes twice). While each over-the-top battle royal has been different, there are key facts that link them all together.

So let's use those historical criteria - hey, it works for King Tek, after all - to pick a 2017 Brawl For it All winner.

I'm starting with the entire active roster as listed by Yes, even Thomas Kobryn - after all, there are always surprises in this match!

Using the 6 criteria that link each of the past Brawl For it All Matches together, I can narrow the ENTIRE UWA Elite roster (36 AllStarz) for this chaotic match down to ONE winner.

Let's go!

Criteria #1: 100% of Brawl For it All Winners to date have competed in at least five UWA Elite seasons.

WRESTLERS ELIMINATED (12): Christopher Powers, Cronin, Everett Cross, Domonic Truex, Lukas Finnegan, Mikey Pacifica, Mike Del, Jacob Tarasso, Jordan Oliver, Kid Christian, Corey Dillinger, Miles Thomas

Criteria #2: NONE of the past Winners were holding a championship of any kind when they won the Brawl For it All.

WRESTLERS ELIMINATED (5): Archadia, Magic, Bowes, Mike C-Way, TJ Blade

Criteria #3: In 4 of the last 6 Brawl For it All (and 4 of the last 5), the winner did NOT compete earlier in the supercard.

WRESTLERS ELIMINATED (3): Drake Chambers, Brandon the Bull, Nicholas Kaye

Criteria #4: 5 of the 6 Brawl For it All Matches were won by UWA Elite AllStarz who have held at least 2 different championships.

WRESTLERS ELIMINATED (9): King Tek, Cypress, Matt Vertigo, Eddie Thomas, Myke Quest, Brandon Kirk, Jeff Cannonball, Clay Sawyer, Thomas Kobryn

Criteria #5: No one has ever won back-to-back Brawl For it All matches.


Criteria #6: No one who was the challenger in multiple UWA Elite Championship matches in a season won the Brawl For it All in the same season.


So, for those of you playing along at home, we're left with the names of 5 active UWA Elite roster members. However, four of those men are in the iChampionship Fan Vote, meaning they may have a match earlier in the evening. Going on past experience, President Dave Swan has a propensity to put the losers of a fan vote in a multi-man contest, so I have to assume there's at least a 50% chance of that happening. So with that...

WRESTLERS ELIMINATED (4): Jon Rome, Jeremiah, Robbie Roller, Joey Adams

That leaves us with one name. One very credible name, actually. Has he had the best 2017 season? Not really. But based on all the data and facts that the past 6 years have given me, there's only one man left standing.

Not only is my projected winner of the 2017 Brawl For it All Match a previous winner of the event, he's also defeated both men who could potentially be UWA Elite Champion at Last Breath in title matches (Archadia and Bowes).

I may be right, and I may be wrong. Heck, I've got a 1-in-30 chance just like the rest of you at getting it right. But here's the pick...

Predicted Winner of the 2017 Brawl For it All: SEAN "DAMAGE" MCNELIS