The 10 Biggest Moments of 2017 in UWA Elite (so far...)


1. Archadia vs. TJ Blade, UWA Elite Championship (Setting the Standard)

Emotional moments are generally just too large to be met by normal men. At Setting the Standard, Archadia and TJ Blade forever proved that they are not ordinary. On a night dedicated to the life, legacy, and Hall of Fame career of Mike Davis, Archadia and TJ Blade battled for the UWA Elite Championship and did nothing less than put on one of the great matches in UWA Elite history. A perfectly poetic tribute to a fallen friend, the match left many in tears and all in awe. 

2. Brandon the Bull becomes UWA Elite Champion (Livin' on the Edge)

The 10th UWA Elite Champion in history was crowned on June 3, when Brandon the Bull won a stunning Ladder Match to dethrone the indomitable Archadia. Even though BTB selected the Ladder Match stipulation, he was thought to be a massive underdog to the reigning champion and active Hall of Famer. But one misstep on the ladder left Archadia tumbling to the floor outside the ring, as he and the UWA Elite Army watched Brandon's crowning moment in shock.

3. King Tek becomes longest reigning iChampion (Homecoming: Day 2)

When Eric Corvis first designed the iChampionship title belt, he couldn't have known the crown he placed upon it would foretell the greatest iChampionship reign in history. With a victory in a battle royal, King Tek became the longest reigning iChampion in UWA Elite history. As of Livin' on the Edge, that reign continued at an impressive 302 days and counting. The Fighting King and the most interactive title in UWA Elite are a match made in wrestling heaven.

4. Drake Chambers retains his Golden Ticket Briefcase (Homecoming: Day 2)

All signs indicated that Nicholas Kaye had Drake Chambers' number, at least psychologically. A perfectly executed game plan that began at Last Breath 2016 culminated at Homecoming: Day 2, where Kaye had his chance to wrest away Drake's Golden Ticket. But it was not to be. Chambers vanquished his greatest rival to date and held onto his Golden Ticket Briefcase and all its privileges - ensuring the Dragonborn a title opportunity at any time of his choosing in 2017.

5. The BROtein Pack defeats the Spirit Squad (Homecoming: Day 1)

The most notable Tag Team Championship contest in UWA Elite history took place at Homecoming: Day 1 in North Brunswick, NJ, as the BROtein Pack (TJ Blade and Mike C Way) put their titles on the line against then-current Smackdown Live! Superstars The Spirit Squad. It was the first time in history that UWA Elite AllStarz wrestled active WWE talent, and the BROtein Pack turned heads worldwide with their victory over Kenny and Mikey.

6. Bowes superplexes Brandon Kirk on a bed of chairs (UWA Elite vs. The World: Vol. 3)

In the grisliest, most vicious rivalry UWA Elite has seen in years, Bowes and Brandon Kirk nearly tore each other apart for months over the Iron Man Championship - and in a battle to see who was the truly "Wretched" AllStar. While many moments could have made this list, the signature moment of this rivalry came at UWA Elite vs. The World: Vol. 3 during a Chairs Match for the Iron Man Championship, when Bowes superplexed The Rogue onto a bed of mangled chairs.

7. Hedges aligns with Cory Dillinger (Dangerous Uprisings)

In a moment, a beloved former UWA Elite Champion reminded the UWA Elite Army just why he was once considered the most hated man in the company. After Sean "Damage" McNelis announced his temporary hiatus from active competition, Cory Dillinger hit the ring to savagely attack SDM. Hedges ran out to make the apparent save, but once he got Damage back to his feet, Hedges dropped him with a massive DiamondBack Driver. The Designated Hitters were born.

8. Swag Mean reunites for the first time since 2013 (Homecoming: Day 2)

The most notorious tag team in UWA Elite history seemed to be gone forever in 2015. Robbie Roller left the company while UWA Elite Champion, and Vin Grayson took time off for personal health reasons. When they found themselves as opponents in a six-man tag at Homecoming: Day 2, nobody could have predicted the results. Robbie Roller turned on DH (his partners) rather than attack Grayson, and the subsequent hug spelled the shocking return of one of the greatest pairs of Tag Team Champions in history.

9. Kyle the Beast wins Ultimate Turmoil 2017 (Setting the Standard)

All you have to do to win Ultimate Turmoil is survive a gauntlet match of the most deserving and dangerous AllStarz in UWA Elite. In 2017, that mission was accomplished by the most physically dominant competitor in UWA Elite history, Kyle the Beast. KTB survived not just Brandon the Bull, but also Bowes in back-to-back contests to win Ultimate Turmoil and embark on what would become a series of 2 classic UWA Elite Championship matches with Archadia.

10. Brandon the Bull wins the inaugural New Blood Tournament (Homecoming: Day 2)

It was the moment that Brandon the Bull elevated himself to main event status - and eventually, UWA Elite Champion. President Dave Swan introduced the New Blood Tournament in February 2017, a single-elimination tournament featuring 8 competitors who had never been UWA Elite Champion. From a stacked field that included Jeff Cannonball, Joey Adams, Matt Vertigo and Jon Rome, Brandon the Bull emerged victorious as the first-ever New Blood Tournament winner.