UWA Elite Champion

The UWA Elite Champion put any controversy from Dangerous Uprisings to rest on Homecoming Day 1, as he defeated the ferocious Kyle the Beast cleanly in North Brunswick. It wasn't a popular result, but Archadia himself will tell you that legacy far surpasses popularity in terms of importance. The champion followed that title defense up with a non-title victory over a very game Jon Rome the following night. But will it be Jon Rome's former tag partner Brandon the Bull who finally vanquishes the UWA Elite Champion on April 1st at Luck of the Draw?

UWA Elite iChampion

It seems the longer the odds, the more impressive the iChampion becomes. The Fighting King first defeated Nicholas Kaye by count-out at Homecoming Day 1, then won an 8-man Battle Royal the following night to retain his iChampionship. More importantly, that successful title defense cemented the Leader of the UWA Elite Army's place in history as the longest-reigning UWA Elite iChampion of all time. Hail to the King, indeed.


Brandon the Bull defeated Jeff Cannonball and Matt Vertigo in back-to-back nights to claim the New Blood Tournament as his own. In the process, the Bull became the #1 Contender to the UWA Elite Championship - his first such opportunity at UWA Elite's richest prize. The dominating fan favorite grew up idolizing Archadia; now, will Brandon's controlled ferocity and singular focus lead him to capture the UWA Elite Championship?

Golden Ticket Holder

Halfway through the two-night Homecoming supercard event, things looked bleak for the Dragonborn. A timely distraction from Nicholas Kaye once again left Chambers flat on his back, and his Golden Ticket in peril. But Saturday night brought perhaps the greatest fight we have ever witnessed in Chambers' six-year UWA Elite career, and with it one of his greatest victories. With Nicholas Kaye in the rear view, however, Drake's Golden Ticket has drawn the jealousy of another dangerous foe in Michael Massacre.

UWA Elite Iron Man Champion

It is almost paralyzing to watch Bowes in his finest form. Gone are the days of "Doctor John Bowes", but the Iron Man Champion still carves up his opponents with scalpel-like precision. After dismantling Cronin, the Wretched went over the limit with Brandon Kirk and was involved in a double-disqualification. While Kirk held his ground post-match, Bowes left a treacherous Homecoming weekend still Iron Man Champion. Will his reign of terror continue?


The first battle between The Rogue and The Wretched wasn't the savage, brutal battle we expected - it was more. In his first shot at the Iron Man Championship, Brandon Kirk proved himself to be as physical, violent and uncaring as Bowes, as the two AllStarz battled out of the referee's control. After the match, a battered Kirk seemed to indicate the war was only just beginning... but is the UWA Elite ring enough to contain these two men's hatred for one another?


Kyle the Beast lost his UWA Elite Championship rematch with Archadia by (literally) a foot, and that type of loss would devastate a normal competitor. But Kyle the Beast is no normal man. The following night, KTB and Ring of Honor stalwart "Brutal" Bob Evans tore each other apart, and "Brutal" Bob lived up to his nickname, applying his devastating Fujiwara armbar to devastating effect. But Kyle persevered and defeated Evans, and let the UWA Elite locker room know that championship or not, KTB was still the King of the Woods.


Though he came up one victory short against Brandon the Bull in the New Blood Tournament finals, it was still a seminal moment in the up-and-down UWA Elite career of Matt Vertigo. Nearly out of the company for good in 2015, Vertigo defeated Joey Adams and Clay Sawyer on his way to the tournament finals. Along the way, Vertigo earned the admiration and respect of many UWA Elite fans with his martial arts prowess and high-flying maneuvers.


Joey Adams is one of only 4 UWA Elite singles competitors who went 2-0 during Homecoming weekend (Archadia, King Tek and Brandon the Bull are the others). When Adams goes on a hot streak, the locker room ought to take notice. The last two times Joey Adams won consecutive singles contests, he won the iChampionship (2016) and went undefeated for 10 months (2014-15). Will a seemingly re-focused Joey Adams once again climb the UWA Elite ladder in 2017?


No one made a bolder proclamation during Homecoming weekend than the icon Magic. Unbelievable as it may seem, September 2017 will mark Magic's 35th anniversary in professional wrestling. A very candid Magic told shocked UWA Elite fans at Homecoming Day 2 that he doesn't want to be "a guy who hangs on too long", and proclaimed that if he did not win a singles championship by September, he would retire from in-ring competition.
The UWA Elite tag team division has rapidly expanded in 2017, and UWA Elite management has opted to give teams the opportunity to be listed in their own set of Power Rankings beginning in March 2017. That being said, here are the debut UWA Elite Tag Team Power Rankings.


UWA Elite Tag Team Champions

In the span of 24 hours, the BROtein Pack defeated Smackdown Live! Superstars The Spirit Squad and the dangerous duo of Everett Cross & Alverado in two UWA Elite Tag Team Championship defenses. In doing so - with all due respect to the great tag teams of UWA Elite's past - Mike C-Way and TJ Blade put together the most impressive weekend of any tag team in this promotion's history. With no true #1 contenders named and no tag team losses in over a year, is the BROtein Pack on its way to the record for longest Tag Team Championship reign in history (470 days)?


Yes, it's 2017. No, don't adjust your screen. Swag Mean turned the UWA Elite tag team division on its head when Robbie Roller shockingly turned his back on the Designated Hitters and embraced former tag partner Vin Grayson. The entire UWA Elite Army - as well as Vin's proteges the Destined Ones - were left stunned by the reunion we never thought would happen, as the first truly iconic tag team in UWA Elite history re-formed. The question is: is this a new, upstanding Swag Mean, or the same pair that terrorized this company for nearly two years?


Homecoming weekend taught us all two things about the Destined Ones. One, they can absorb a nearly insane amount of punishment. And two, Jordan Oliver and Kid Christian are really fun to watch. D1 battled the Designated Hitters twice, and technically walked away with two victories (one by DQ, and one due to the actions of Robbie Roller). Still, the record books show a pair of W's for the young and talented tandem - but where do they go from here?


Hedges and Dillinger don't have any victories to show after Homecoming weekend - but was that really their goal? The newly-formed Designated Hitters physically dominated in both contests, at times in uncomfortable fashion. The team's agenda from the world "go" has been to hurt people, and hurt people badly. If Homecoming weekend was any indication of things to come, then the Designated Hitters are likely to be putting UWA Elite AllStarz on the shelf for a long time.


Zukko and Truax collected their first tag team victory of 2017 at Homecoming Day 1, and it was quite an impressive one. The Atlantic City Scoundrels defeated the legendary Phat Boyz (Magic and Big Dan Winant), who were heavy favorites entering the match. (Pun definitely intended.) No one ever denied the athleticism of Zukko or imposing size of Truax, and now that the ACS have collected their first victory of the season, this may be a team to watch.


1) Archadia
2) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
3) King Tek
4) Bowes
5) The BROtein Pack
6) Nicholas Kaye
7) Drake Chambers
8) Brandon The Bull
9) The Destined Ones
10) Clay Sawyer
1) Archadia
2) The BROtein Pack
3) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
4) King Tek
5) Brandon Kirk
6) The Just-Us League
7) Nicholas Kaye
8) Drake Chambers
9) Brandon The Bull
10) Bowes

1) Archadia
2) King Tek
3) The BROtein Pack
4) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
5) Drake Chambers
6) Bowes
7) Joey Adams
8) Sean "Damage" McNelis & Hedges (Tie)
9) Nicholas Kaye
10) Magic
1) Archadia
2) The BROtein Pack
3) Hedges
4) King Tek
5) Sean "Damage" McNelis
6) Bowes
7) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
8) Drake Chambers & Nicholas Kaye
9) Chris Steeler
10) Brandon Kirk

1) Archadia
2) King Tek
3) The BROtein Pack
4) Bowes
5) Sean "Damage" McNelis
6) Hedges
7) Drake Chambers & Nicholas Kaye
8) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
9) Matt Vertigo
10) Magic

1) Sean "Damage" McNelis
2) Archadia
3) The BROtein Pack
4) King Tek
5) Bowes
6) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
7) Hedges
8) The UnstoppaBULLS
9) Drake Chambers
10) Lukas Finnegan