Archadia is still the UWA Elite Champion. Did Kyle the Beast have his foot on the rope, and was the referee's eyesight impaired? Yes. Did Kyle the Beast push Archadia to a physical limit no other UWA Elite competitor has accessed before? Yes. Is it possible that, was it not for the referee's impaired eyesight, we could be discussing a very different outcome? Yes. But the fact remains, Archadia is still the UWA Elite Champion, and that is all he cares about.


Kyle the Beast could very well be the UWA Elite Champion right now. While many fans are quick to blame the referee, the fact remains Referee Ryan T had just been kicked in the face and his vision was severely compromised (that, and he's the best official in UWA history). When you come within a hair of defeating the UWA Elite Champion, and come within a hair of becoming the second 3-time UWA Elite Champion in history, you get this close to the #1 ranking.


At Dangerous Uprisings, King Tek put on a late-game comeback that would even make the Patriots jealous. Down 9-3 with two minutes to go in the iChampionship Gridiron Classic Match, King Tek shocked everyone by pinning Robbie Roller twice within the next 90 seconds to retain his championship by a 15-9 final margin. Roller arguably came closer than anyone to dethroning the Leader of the UWA Elite Army, but close does not equal victory.

#4 - BOWES (LAST MONTH: #10)

Dominance. Sheer dominance is the only way to describe Bowes' devastating rise to the Iron Man Championship. Bowes single-handedly eliminated half of the Iron Man Six-Pack Shuffle at Dangerous Uprisings - pinning Cronin with a wicked piledriver, tapping out former champion Mike C-Way in the stretch muffler, then covering the legend Magic for the decisive pinfall after a massive top-rope elbow drop. Post-match, Bowes even dropped Brandon Kirk for good measure. Is Bowes already the greatest Iron Man Champion of all time?

#5 - THE BROtein PACK (LAST MONTH: #2)

Leading up to Dangerous Uprisings, we told you on the UWA Elite All Access Podcast that it could be a bad night for the BROtein Pack. Although the Bros retained the tag team titles via DQ, the level of damage sustained was directly responsible for Mike C-Way's Iron Man Championship loss later that evening. This was not the way the BROtein Pack needed to go into its Tag Team Championship match against Smackdown Live Superstars The Spirit Squad at Homecoming (Night 1) on Friday, March 10th.


Perhaps no UWA Elite AllStar has ever played a better psychological game of chess against a foe than Nicholas Kaye has against Drake Chambers. Kaye goaded Chambers into a massive brawl at Dangerous Uprisings that started and stopped multiple times. Although Chambers blasted Kaye with a Dragonslayer and had the upper hand for much of the battle, Kaye won the war. He dropped Chambers head-first on his Golden Ticket briefcase and was about to do so again - which led to their upcoming Homecoming weekend of battle. Read on...


The Dragonborn was ready for war at Dangerous Uprisings, hitting arch-rival Nicholas Kaye with every weapon in his offensive arsenal. But for the second straight month, Chambers was beaten nearly unconscious with his own Golden Ticket briefcase, forcing UWA Elite President Dave Swan into booking Kaye vs. Chambers for the Golden Ticket Briefcase at Homecoming Night 2. Before that match, Nicholas and Drake will pick each other's opponents at Night 1. It's very literally all or nothing for Drake Chambers at Homecoming.


The singles ascendance of Brandon the Bull continues, in the form of a first-round victory over Everett Cross in the New Blood #1 Contender's Tournament. The Bull finished off the God of Drivers with an earth-shattering Bulldozer sit-out powerbomb from the top rope, in a moment that left the live crowd in awe. If the UWA Elite Army thought that match was violent, wait until the New Blood Semi-Finals, when Brandon battles Jeff Cannonball.


It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't easy, but the guidance of Hall of Famer Vin Grayson paid huge dividends for The Destined Ones, who won their tag team debut at UWA Elite. The team of Kid Christian and Jordan Oliver absorbed a massive amount of punishment from the Atlantic City Scoundrels, but utilized their quick strikes and agility to claim victory. They'll need to absorb even more punishment when they battle Cory Dillinger and Hedges at Homecoming Night 1.


The Roughneck made his presence felt in the first round of the New Blood #1 Contender's Tournament, defeating early favorite Jon Rome in rather dominating fashion. Sawyer's first singles contest since dismantling Kentucky Bred put any doubts about his capabilities flying solo to rest. A scintillating matchup awaits Sawyer in the Semi-Finals, as he goes to war at Homecoming Night 1 against Matt Vertigo.
Also Receiving Votes: Matt Vertigo, Jeff Cannonball, "Chiller" Miles Thomas, Magic


1) Archadia
2) The BROtein Pack
3) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
4) King Tek
5) Brandon Kirk
6) The Just-Us League
7) Nicholas Kaye
8) Drake Chambers
9) Brandon The Bull
10) Bowes

1) Archadia
2) King Tek
3) The BROtein Pack
4) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
5) Drake Chambers
6) Bowes
7) Joey Adams
8) Sean "Damage" McNelis & Hedges (Tie)
9) Nicholas Kaye
10) Magic
1) Archadia
2) The BROtein Pack
3) Hedges
4) King Tek
5) Sean "Damage" McNelis
6) Bowes
7) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
8) Drake Chambers & Nicholas Kaye
9) Chris Steeler
10) Brandon Kirk

1) Archadia
2) King Tek
3) The BROtein Pack
4) Bowes
5) Sean "Damage" McNelis
6) Hedges
7) Drake Chambers & Nicholas Kaye
8) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
9) Matt Vertigo
10) Magic

1) Sean "Damage" McNelis
2) Archadia
3) The BROtein Pack
4) King Tek
5) Bowes
6) Kyle "The Beast" Winant
7) Hedges
8) The UnstoppaBULLS
9) Drake Chambers
10) Lukas Finnegan